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We offer a range of YKK zips. In particular, the Vislon® and Coil types.

The Vislon® range is made from injected polyacetal resin and consequently is lighter than traditional zippers of the same size. They are available in a variety of vibrant colours with locking and non-locking pullers. They can be specified with open or closed and with single or double pullers. Sizes range from No.3 (3mm tooth width) to No.10 (10mm tooth width).

The Aquaguard® variant couples the Vislon® zip with a polyurethane tape for water resistance whilst the Aquaseal® variants hasve a film coated tape for technical marine sportswear and more!

Vislon® Aquaguard® and Aquaseal® are registered trademarks of YKK Corporation in Japan and other countries/regions.

Coil zips are made of plastic spiral teeth. This is the most popular type of zipper and is suitable for garments, luggage, sporting goods and automotive applications. The zips can be specified in six different sizes (2CF & 10CF) and in closed, open and two way. There are a variety of tape and puller types available.

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