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Plastgrom Eyelets & Washers

Plastgrom Eyelets & Washers
Plastgrom Eyelets & Washers

Plastgroms' Plastic eyelets are a alternative to traditional metal eyelets. They are perfect for outdoor use as they will not tarnish or rust and as they are UV protected they will not fade in sunlight. Plastic Eyelets are ideal for applications where weight is a major consideration. They are ideal for use where metal eyelets are undesirable. Plastic eyelets do not conduct electricity or heat and can be used in temperatures from -30°C to +100°C. Plastic eyelets are available in hole diameters of 8mm,12mm, and 16mm in a variety of colours with tooling and machinery to suit every application and budget (See Our Machinery for more details).

Part NoMin Int Dia after closing (mm)Overall Length (mm)Flange Thickness (mm)Flange Diameter (mm)Materials
12mm Long11.910.72.7226.1Polycarbon
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