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Buckram is a stiff cotton fabric typically used in the home furnishings projects due to its great structural qualities. It's made by coating cotton fibers with strengthened with either starch or resin, giving it its stiffness and durability.

Our buckram fabrics come in 100mtr rolls and are available in several variations, please see the table below. Our Sewable buckram is easy to work with and can be sewn directly onto your fabric for added structure. Whilst our Fusible buckram comes with a layer of glue (either Single-Sided or Double-Sided), allowing you to fuse it directly onto your fabric without the need for sewing.

Our rolls range from 4 to 8 inches in width, so you can choose the perfect size for your home furnishing project. Whether you're making curtains, cushions, or any other home furnishings, our buckram fabrics are perfect for adding volume and shape to your designs, helping them to hang beautifully.

Also, we now offer a more sustainable and cheaper alterative; Natural (Cream) Buckram. This buckram isn't subject to chemical bleaching as typical White buckram. Hence, a slightly cheaper alternative, and alot better for the environment! 

Size (in)Sewable or Glue TypeWoven or Non-WovenColour
4"SewableWovenCream (Natural)
4"Fusible (Single Side)Non-WovenWhite
4"Fusible (Double Sided)WovenWhite
5"SewableWovenCream (Natural)
5"Fusible (Single Side)WovenWhite
5"Fusible (Single Side)Non-WovenWhite
6"SewableWovenCream (Natural)
6"Fusible (Single Side)Non-WovenWhite
8"Fusible (Single Sided)WovenWhite

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