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Tube Eyelets

Tube Eyelets
Tube Eyelets

As their name implies, Tube Eyelets are manufactured from metal tubing. This process makes this type of eyelet a more flexible option for relatively small production runs - meaning you can have near any combination of barrel diameter, length and flange length, within reason.  The use of tube also allow for longer barrel lengths than traditional pressed eyelets. Normally made from Brass. Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum are also available to special order. Finishes include Clean, Nickel, Oxy Black and Electro-tin. Due to the variability of Tube Eyelets, please contact our Sales Teams for availability.  See Our Machinery Section for full details of setting equipment.

Part NoBarrel Diameter (mm)Length Under Flange (mm)Standard Metal Thickness (mm)Flange Diameter (mm)
M080.8As specified0.21.3
M101As specified0.21.6
M121.2As specified0.22
M151.5As specified0.252.5
M202As specified0.33.2
M222.2As specified0.33.5
M232.3As specified0.33.7
M252.5As specified0.34
M303As specified0.34.5
M353.5As specified0.35.3
M404As specified0.46
M454.5As specified0.46.8
M4764.76As specified0.47.2
M505As specified0.47.5
M555.5As specified0.58.3
M606As specified0.59
M6356.35As specified0.59
M707As specified0.510.5
M7927.92As specified0.511.5
M808As specified0.512
M909As specified0.513.5
M10010As specified0.515
M10310.3As specified0.513.5
M12012As specified0.518
M15015As specified0.522
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