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M2 Electrical Fully Automated Machine

M2 Electrical Fully Automated Machine
M2 Electrical Fully Automated Machine

The M2 machine can supplied either electrically or pneumatically powered. A versatile and highly efficient model, used for attaching eyelets to a wide range of materials. It features an automatic feeder for eyelet and backing washer, and incorporates a cutting function. With a press of the pedal the eyelet and washer are fed automatically and placed into material, giving a strong and secure fixing.

Particularly suited for lighter duty materials and applications, the M2 machine will easily set eyelets with up to 8mm internal diameter.

The M2 machine can easily be altered to set various eyelet sizes. (Separate feed equipment required).

M2 machine can also be configured to suit alternative fasteners such as press studs, rivets with washers.

M2 machine is supplied on its’ own bench and usually with a measuring guide table to ensure accurate placement of eyelets.

M2 model can be configured at time of order for a huge range of alternative fasteners, including, but not limited to, rivets or press fasteners.

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