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Long Sail Eyelets

Long Sail Eyelets
Long Sail Eyelets
The most versatile range of larger eyelets. They are used in banners, tents, shower curtains, automotive, textile and many other applications. Available with Turnover Rings or Neck Washers for automatic feeding on selected sizes. Made from brass most sizes are available in Clean, Nickel Plated and Oxy Black finishes. Other finishes are available to special order. Sizes 23 and 24 are also available made from 304 stainless steel. See our machinery section for full details of setting equipment.
Part NoMinimum Int Dia After Closing (mm)Overall Length (mm)Flange Thickness (mm)Flange Diameter (mm)Metal Thickness (mm)
LONG 216.356.350.7912.70.3
LONG 227.497.870.7914.270.35
LONG 238.5180.7915.870.35
LONG 248.898.250.7917.450.38
LONG 2510.298.380.7919.840.35
LONG 2611.059.120.7920.620.41
LONG 2711.949.520.7922.220.41
LONG 2812.710.160.7923.80.46
LONG 2914.2210.291.1725.40.51
LONG 3015.8710.81.1728.320.51
LONG 3219.0512.071.1735.520.51
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